Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Royal Road Trip- Tattoos and a Missing QUEEN! 3/7/11

Well. you guessed it. 
The Royals have had another crazy day.
If it wasn't for camera phones NONE of us would remember a thing.
It all started with me sharing this CRAZY hot picture of Adam Lavine..

Then the Dutchess was on the lookout for a tattoo parlor. I swear we tore threw New Orleans trying to find just the right spot. What we all forgot however... Is that the Dutchess is one CHEAP pimp.

We all hit the bottle.
After all... We had committed to tattoos....
And we hadn't been specific with the details.
The Dutch went first:

She cackled like a crazy the whole time!
Of course... Now she claims she doesn't need to wear a bra.

PWT, Ange and CC went next:

Well... We never claimed they were the classy ones of the group.

Not to be outdone.... Gucci had her namesake done across one of her most valuable ASSets:
~Spanky spanky~

Someone apparently forgot to keep the bartender out of the booze, or the special brownies... Cause she came back with this:
She kept running all around the parking lot making car noises and screaming:

The Hooker House mom was smart!
She did all kinds of research for the perfect Tattoo and ended up finding this:

However...She forgot we were being tattooed by a man in a van. 
So she came out with this:

The Queen wanted a new tattoo:

But really... She had no room left.

It was quite the day!!
And then night came. I remember hearing something over the radio about the Queen moving to the back of the convoy.. I just assumed she wanted to make sure no one was throwing booze or xanax out a bus in a drunken stupor. But when we got to the Hotel she was still no where to be found.
It wasn't until we got the ransom note that we knew we were in HUGE trouble.
There was talk about not paying the ransom... After all there is a beer tab crown at stake!
But since "No one" was quite sure where it was hidden at, we figured it'd be better to rescue her, pump her full of xanax and convince her she had a bad dream!

The bar tender... Who had by then sobered up, remembered ALL of the booze bottles we had lying around from earlier in the day, and knew we could form a plan!

If they wanted Gin, we would give it to them!
We filled that dumpster up with all of the liquor bottles we had, all lined up nice and neatly. When those suckers came to drop off the Queen that were so excited at the "Bounty O' Booze" We had provided to get our Queen back, that they gave her one good kick our direction and jumped head first into the dumpster!
Silly kidnappers!!!
We always carry Crocs with us!

We are still awaiting punishment...Whenever the Queen recovers.
Until then it is on with the road trip!

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